E-commerce shopping cart extension for Joomla CMS 2.5+

E-commerce shopping cart extension for Joomla CMS 2.5+

SaasBilling 2.0 is a joomla shopping cart component that runs on websites running Joomla 2.5 and above. It uses a custom Ajax shopping cart that is light weight and does not use any other Joomla shopping cart like Virtuemart, Magento etc.  Although primarily meant for subscription based software, the cart can be used for other products both tangible and intangible e.g books, apparel, gym memberships etc.

The shopping cart supports both instant checkout as well as subscription billing. Only Paypal payment gateway is supported at the present time. This is an intelligent shopping cart that automatically uses paypal checkout button code or API depending on whether the item is an instant buy item or a recurring subscription. 

Included in this product are the following:

a. The complete database script for the whole Joomla website

b. The complete tarball of the Joomla website

c. Detailed documentation of how to cofigure product, package and plans etc.

Customers from India cannot use Paypal andmust use Bank Transfer. Customers from other countries can use Paypal for upto USD 10000. The remaining amount must be paid via Bank transfer. Escrow services are available via EscrowIndia.com.

Om's E-commerce supplies store is owned and operated by Mamallan software Private Limited, a fully registered legal entity vide SRN C29931706 dated 24-10-2014.


The full list of features is as follows:

1. Define 2 different packages.

a) Intro Offer- This package is for Buy Now items where the buyer's card is billed instantly

b) Month to Month - This is the Pay-as-You go package where the buyer can opt for monthly recurring billing

2. Define any number of plans. Plans are various membership levels such as Silver Plan, Gold plan etc where the buyer gets various additional features as the plan level increases.

3. Define prices for the plan. You can define 2 rates Plan Rate and Plan Discount Rate

4. Ajax Shopping cart in a pop-up in the shop window and also inlaid in the website in the confirmation screen

5. Shopping cart module that displays a cart icon and total amount in a module position in the browser

6. Item id definition for shop items

7. Different checkout schemes for Instant checkout and Subscription items. Instant buy items use checkout buttons whereas Subscription orders are filled via API. Subscription orders can also be checked out via button code.

8. Use Joomla Id for storing data but can be easily changed to use Buyer email, Social login id etc. quiet easily

9. Coupons facility available. Enter coupon at checkout to update cart total. Define coupons for products using either  fixed rate or as percentage. set coupon deadline  and also offer special coupons valid to first 100 users etc.

10. Define bundles and addons in addition to products. Bundles are items that supplement the product e.g 2 cartridges along with a printer etc. Addons are similar to bundles but are used to enable certain features in the application. e.g The  Steam/sauna addon is required to use the steam room etc. Bundles/addons can have a validatity date defined against them

11. IPN script that receives notifications from Paypal and stores the transaction details in the database

12. Subscription orders filled via API are stored into the database with the  Profile Id, the transaction token,validtity date etc

13. Cart summary is displayed in the shop window

14. Attractive and css styled Pricing Tables with Javascript effect included in the shopping cart

15. Ajax server side validations in the checkout window to check things like This item can only be ordered via Buy Now, the buyer already has a plan etc.

16. Edit update and remove items from the cart right from Ajax popup cart with fancy JQuery effects

and more.

17. Native Joomla 2.5+ extension that can be installed/uninstalled using Joomla installer

18. Includes 2 sample templates with which the shopping cart has been tested to work well on the templates

19. Detailed documentation

20. Plugins for other payment providers besides Paypal e.g 2checkout, PayU, CCAvenue etc. Stripe gateway will be supported in a future edition.


A mobile friendly version of the above shopping cart is also available at no additional cost. Please contact via email after placing order for the mobile edition.